Reliable and Innovative Gas Safety Systems
Product Code: PW-076-B

Gas Detector RapidGas Multi

Gas Detector RapidGas Multi

RapidGas Multi is a multi-channel gas detector for measuring the concentration of a specific gaseous component in a sample. The sampling is being carried out by the aspiration method. RapidGas Multi can handle from one to ten sampling points. Due to its flameproof construction, it can be installed in potentially explosive atmospheres. RapidGas Multi is thus a universal hardware platform, able to adapt of virtually any gas sensor. This enables us to this enables the optimization of the construction of the device to the requirements of the particular installation and its operating conditions (configurable parameters include e.g.: type of gas to be detected, measuring range and accuracy, reaction time, ambient temperature, humidity, etc.).

Additional functions of the device:

  • internal stabilization of the operating temperature of the instrument above the dew point of the sample,
  • practically unlimited range of temperature of the sample at the sampling point,
  • sample flow check,
  • optional pressure compensation (i.e. for NDIR sensors).

All these functionalities allow us to obtain better metrological parameters than for an "unprotected" sensor.